Taskmaster – Series 7, Episode 4: OLLIE

Taskmaster Series 7 Episode 4
Taskmaster S7E4. Picture Shows: Phil Wang. ©Avalon.

This time, we are switched on, weighing up problems, and wondering how lifts work.

With the contestants trying to please Greg Davies with five confusing things up for grabs, such as the wiring from the back Kerry Godliman’s TV and a bizarre T-shirt purchased in Spain, the first task proper was to figure out what a particular switch in the lab does when it is flicked. This involved a lot of wondering around trying to figure out which light was being turned off or on – when in fact it was nothing to do with anything electronic. Meanwhile Rhod Gilbert just fantasised about electrocuting Davies, while James Acaster gets luck when he witnesses Little Alex Horne dong something.

Next, everyone had to go in a lift with a briefcase full of strange objects, and dramatically alter their appearance as much as possible in the time to took the lift to go down to the next floor. Among the next looks we had were Jessica Knappett wearing a wig on their face and Phil Wang wearing a sign saying: “Not Phil Wang”, while Acaster failed to realise how lifts work.

After that, they had to make a set of butcher’s scales read exactly 31.770kg – a set of scales that don’t work when people stand on them. Strategies ranged from using a plastic bath full of water, trying to find 31 pairs of shoes, and Gilbert using his own spit. The final live task involved everyone had to correctly don the most items of clothing while being handcuffed.

The main thing from this episode is coming across some recurring gags in this series, such as Wang’s lack of skill when haggling, or Gilbert using the same sexy photo of Davies in all of his tasks. But the most important thing in the show was the “OLLIE” in the show title. It is something that has been starring us in the face all along. Although to be fair, Ollie is wearing a helmet.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.