Taskmaster: Series 7, Episode 5 – Lotta Soup

Taskmaster Series 7 Episode 5
Taskmaster S7E5. Picture Shows: Alex Horne. ©Avalon.

As we reach the half-way point, Little Alex Horne’s life is threatened by a javelin, James Acaster creates a holiday, and Phil Wang has fun with mayonnaise.

With Greg Davies judging who will be receiving five unwanted gifts from named relatives, including some dream catcher / yin-yang earrings, and the prom outfit Jessica Knappett was given by her mother, the opening task was to give a task to Horne in the most spectacular manner. While some like Kerry Godliman performed the oddest dance possible and wearing a Native American headdress (which I know to be a bit of a PC issue), Rhod Gilbert decided to stick the task to a javelin which he throws towards him, and Acaster uses the help of a former Taskmaster contestant.

After that was one of those tricky tasks: to make as many white circles on a target from a set distance. The tricky bit was that all but one of the contestants, that one being Wang, had 5 minutes to do the task, while Wang had 20 minutes, and he had to get a bigger score than the other four combined. This was a task made slightly easier by the fact that Knappett failed to score anything. Following this, the next task was to cheer up a former traffic warden. The methods ranged from Acaster trying to make an imaginary a holiday for the warden, to Knappett relishing in his misanthropy.

Next was a team task, where the teams had to make themselves look as big or little as possible using camera trickery, in which we got to see an even bigger Wang. Finally was the first ever live team task, involving a game that is best described as “Coat Hanger Buckaroo”.

At this point, the overall scores are getting close, and it seems that we are getting a clear idea of how the rest of the series is panning out. We see Gilbert being particular lazy with the way he does some of the tasks, while Wang may have the most memorable outfit, but is behind everyone else in terms of what matters – the points. I know laughs are important too, but if you want that golden head, Wang is not going about it well.

Taskmaster is on Dave on Wednesdays at 21.00.