Taskmaster: Series 7, Episode 6 – A Coquettish Fascinator

Taskmaster Series 7 Episode 6
Taskmaster Series 7. Picture Shows: James Acaster. ©Avalon.

This week Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne celebrate Taskmaster’s 50th episode, James Acaster breaks a ukulele, and Phil Wang acts pregnant in a bath.

With five keys up for grabs, ranging from the key to a disturbing graph to an entire key lime pie that Davies orders Horne to eat entirely, the first task fits in with the celebratory theme of the episode: put exactly 50 different things into a bin as quickly as possible. What they don’t know is that this is a two-part task, the second part being to make a portrait of Davies using only the items they put in the bin. Acaster demonstrated that you can do a lot using just a ukulele and 49 stones, while Jessica Knappett fails to use the paint she put in the bin, and Kerry Godliman portrays him with a withered leg.

Next was a team task, in which the teams have to make the most suspenseful soap opera cliff-hanger. The soaps ranged from the boys’ Feelings (complete with theme tune), which featured a pregnant Wang in a bath for nine months secretly having an affair, and the girls’ Cul de Sac, with Godliman going into full Phil Mitchell mode.

Afterwards the teams were displayed with differing sizes of cardboard boxes, and had to figure out which was the smallest box they could used to store 10 different pairs of glasses – however, as they quickly find out, it is not those kind of glasses. Finally the live task involved getting an inflatable doughnut as high possible, while holding hands to the people next to them (those at the end of line held the hands of Davies and Horne).

This episode had a mixture of the brilliant with Acaster’s artistic skills, the disgusting with Godliman pretending to be sick in her soap, and the incompetent with one disqualification in the glasses task. Also, concerning the theme to Feelings, is there something about Welshman Gilbert that means whenever a group of men are together they will all end up singing? Anyway, this is the closest series so far in terms of scores, and anyone can still win – except Wang.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.