Taskmaster: Series 7, Episode 7 – The Perfect Stuff

Taskmaster Series 7 Episode 7
Taskmaster Series 7 Picture Shows: Alex Horne, Rhod Gilbert (L-R). ©Avalon

This time Little Alex Horne puts a gravy-stained joke on his head, James Acaster get furious, and Rhod Gilbert tries taping his eyes.

Things don’t get off to the best of starts this time around as the prize task – bring in the most exciting thing beginning with “G” – results in Greg Davies doing a first in the history of Taskmaster: no-one getting full marks on a prize task. The first task proper involves throwing something into a bin that is on the opposite side of a fence, that the contestants couldn’t touch. Strategies ranged from Kerry Godliman drilling a hole into the fence, to Gilbert spread-betting by chucking a load of gravel over the fence.

The next task was arguably the most painful: “Don’t blink.” Gilbert decided to use tape to hold eyes open, whereas Phil Wang made the mistake of opening his eyes just before the task began, because if his eyes were shut when the task began, he won’t be blinking. After that was a team task: building the best extension to the house. This task witnessed Gilbert just doing his own thing, leading Acaster to be so furious with him that he wanted to break away from the team altogether.

Following this the players had to make the best Christmas cracker. These festive delights ranged from Jessica Knappett putting Horne’s credit card inside the cracker, Godliman making a cracker that wouldn’t split into two because it made using a solid piece of drainpipe, and Acaster putting an entire dinner in his, meaning there was gravy everywhere. The live task involved walking to and banging a drum in exactly 9.58 seconds, with bonus points for the most magnificent walk.

Highlights from this edition mainly include Acaster being angry with Gilbert during their team task, and to be honest Acaster was totally within his right, given that what Gilbert created was not an extension. The other big moment was one particularly magnificent, though also disastrous, walk to the drum.

Taskmaster is on Dave on Wednesdays at 21.00.