Taskmaster: Series 7, Episode 8 – Mother Honks her Horn

Taskmaster Series 7 Episode 8
Taskmaster S7E8 Picture Shows: Rhod Gilbert, Alex Horne (L-R) ©Avalon.

This week, Little Alex Horne becomes the subject of a bizarre water feature, Phil Wang is slow when it comes to a treasure hunt (and just about everything), and Rhod Gilbert tells a ballad.

With Greg Davies judging who will win five creepy things, including James Acaster’s mummified cat and Jessica Knappett’s collection of Victorian Christmas cards, the first task proper involves poking the least expected thing out of the roof of a grotto. Most of these items concerned different pieces of clothing, which was rather disturbing when it came to Wang needing Horne to help him put his jumpsuit back on.  What was even more surprising was Gilbert getting Horne to stand over the hole with his trousers down, and then Gilbert making it look like water was coming out of Horne’s backside.

After that was a treasure hunt, where the players had to find different tasks, which with a letter on them and where to find the next task. The letters formed the keyword of the task they really needed to do. Here Acaster whizzed around the house while Wang was typically sluggish in his approach. Next, with the assistance of a band they had to compose the best 30 second piece of music, which resulted in Kerry Goldliman’s fun tune “Having a Great Time, Any Time”, Acaster punk track, “Over My Shoulder”, and Gilbert’s folk number “The Ballard of the Toothless Goon” – which did go over the time limit a bit. Finally the live task involved having to do actions relating to a celebrity’s first name when their surname is stated: for example, having to kneel when hearing the name “Armstrong” (and not lance).

With this shaping up to be the closest series of Taskmaster yet, there are some interesting developments. For example, how far ahead would Knappett be if she read her tasks more carefully. In the treasure hunt task, she spent a fair amount of time looking for a little blue box, when she should have been looking for a little blue book. Gilbert’s song was certainly a highlight, albeit a slightly haunting one.

Taskmaster is on Wednesdays at 21.00 on Dave.