Taskmaster – Series 8, Episode 3: Stuck in a Mammal Grove

Taskmaster Series 8 Episode 3
Taskmaster - Series 8 - Episode 03. Picture shows: Lou Sanders. ©Avalon/UKTV

In this week’s edition, Greg Davies is annoyed by a grape, Little Alex Horne is signed up to some life courses, and Iain Stirling shows too much ambition.

Playing for five burstable items – or rather three as Lou Sanders donates a crème brûlée and Joe Thomas offers a grape, the first task proper involved trying to build the best volcano. Here, Thomas makes up for his earlier blunder by using the classic combination of cola and Mentos, although when Stirling tried the same thing on a larger scale, it didn’t work.

Thomas returned however to a lack of form with the next task – going onto a train carriage, sitting where they could not see Horne, the participants had to guess what Horne was wearing, but Horne could only communicate with a horn, with him failing to correctly guess within the 15 minute time limit. While most opted for the standard “one honk for yes, two honks for no”, Thomas repeatedly got three honks for ambiguity, while Sanders swapped the yes and no options around.

After this the players had 20 minutes to do something wrong, and then apologise to Horne, with the winner of the task doing the best apology for the worst thing. Paul Sinha seems truly heartfelt, despite the fact that all he did was binge-eat. Sanders meanwhile vandalised Horne’s car and water ballooned him, and then had an even worse apology by signing him up to various courses, including crystal healing and Scientology. The final live task involved getting into a sleeping bag, saluting Davies for five seconds, getting into a second sleeping bag, and skipping once, where it was revealed that Sinha has problems with his shoulder.

We are seeing some more patterns with the contestants this series. In particular the highlights include Thomas’s awkwardness with just about everything – and indeed creating awkwardness in the show, especially when it came to the apology task, as the thing he decide to say sorry about was singing a song celebrating Horne’s murder.

Meanwhile, Stirling is showing to be overambitious in what he wants to achieve. Twice in tonight’s episode he claims he is going to appear in the “Champion of Champions”, when evidence is clearly pointing to him not reaching that point.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesday.