Taskmaster: Series 8, Episode 4 – The Barrel Dad

Taskmaster Series 8 Episode 4
Picture shows: Sian Gibson. ©Avalon/UKTV

This week a toddler has an encounter with a shark, we grasp between the difference of being in and being on a hammock, and Paul Sinha plays it is safe with some hoops and a frying pan.

Sinha should be comfortable in this episode, as the prizes are the best gifts for a doctor, in which in the eyes of some of the other competitors include a BMX, whisky and a herb garden – and here we see Greg Davies getting giddy with the points following a row between Sinha and Iain Stirling. The first task proper involved the players trying to pass an entire toilet roll through a loo seat they couldn’t lower, which was hanging above them on a line. However, some didn’t spot this and used the actual toilet in the house. Stirling believed just using the cardboard tube was enough, while Joe Thomas and Lou Sanders simply just tossed the loo roll through the hanging seat.

The following task involved making something that would engage a toddler, with Alex Horne displaying the engaging things to the toddler in question. Sian Gibson made an exercise video, but the toddler seemed more engaged with the iPad than with the video, Sanders seemingly encouraged the toddler to commit violence against a rubber duck, while Sinha taught the baby the dangers the ducks face by creating a mock ecosystem with the ducks being attacked by a shark.

Then came a team task: putting as much weight into a hammock, without anything following out of it. Here the actors came up with an idea of laying the hammock flat on the ground and putting stuff on it, which is controversial, but more constructive than the comedians who mostly argued. Finally, the live task featured the contestants placing hoops on the ground, and then trying to throw a frying pan into the hoop, where Sinha has a cunning strategy to come out on top.

Tonight’s episode was a reminder that some of the best moments in Taskmaster come from the most unexpected places. Let’s face it, before any of this, who thought you could get laughs by introducing a toddler to tray containing rubber ducks and a thresher shark, in order to teach it about the dangers faced by animals in their natural habitat?

Despite all this and his strategies in the life task, Sinha is still struggling overall, but overall leader Sanders also committed the odd tumble, or rather tumbled catch of a dropped book.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.