Taskmaster: Series 8, Episode 6 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Umlaut

Taskmaster Series 8 Episode 6
Picture shows: Paul Sinha. ©Avalon/UKTV

This time, Paul Sinha fails to become invisible, we learn what is too big, and we discover who the best contestant is when it comes to football and goal celebrations.

Fighting for five see-through items, ranging from a window, a bottle of gin and a hoop, the opening task proper involved trying to make yourself invisible inside a phone box. Greg Davies had no problem spotting most of these not-so-invisible people, whether it is their hair, their silhouette, and in the case of Sinha his face, but some were more cunning than others.

After this was a team task: create the most iconic album cover. The comedians of Sinha, Iain Stirling and Lou Sanders formed “Lou Sanders and the Lovely Boys” and the album “SSSex” (“because sex sells”), while the actors Sian Gibson and Joe Thomas created “Shoë”, with their title track, “It’s Too Big” and in my opinion Thomas only missing a toothbrush in order to pass himself off as Ron Mael from Sparks. Next they had to remember a specially made deck of cards in order – a deck containing cards such as “Yellow” and two “15 of Diamonds”. Of course, it would help if they had a pen to write down the order, and there was one – that no-one spotted, tapped to the other side of a table.

The next task was outside, as they had to score a goal into some child-size goalposts from the furthest distance, while failing to score results in disqualification, and then do the best goal celebration regardless of whether they scored or not. Gibson played it safe scoring from a short distance, while Stirling pulled up some full-size posts and trying to score from a long way. Finally the live task involved rolling a loo roll across a line but making sure it didn’t fall off the stage, and then pulling the loo roll back in again while it had their shoe on.

In this week’s edition we learn that one of the biggest elements of Taskmaster is diversity. One point you may be riding high with your ability to remember a deck of cards, the next you are wallowing in misery because when trying to hide yourself you failed to cover your own face.

There was also a nice musical touch. Yes, no-one actually recorded any music, but there is a surprising amount of material you can get out of Thomas doing a fake drum beat while singing: “Get together”.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.