Taskmaster: Series Two, Episode 5 – There’s Strength in Arches

Taskmaster Series Two 9

The final episode in this series witnesses the Taskmaster trophy finally presented, and a horror film starring, yes, a potato.

Some people have complained about Taskmaster not featuring enough women on the show. I suspect these people will be really furious about the prize task which involved bringing in the best memorabilia, where Greg Davies judged that Katherine Ryan’s suffragette medal was considered less impressive than an autograph of Jocky Wilson brought in by Richard Osman.

The first task proper involved getting some shopping into a trolley, which was placed on the other side of a small stream. Doc Brown partly suffered as he failed to spot two bridges on either side of the stream which he could have just walked across. Not only that, but both he and Jon Richardson failed to put all the items in the trolley.

The next task was a team task, which involved making a stop-motion film starring a potato. While Joe Wilkinson, Katherine and Doc did will with their James Bond parody Spec Tater, in the end, and rightly so, Richard and Jon won with their horror film 28 Days Tater starring Alex Horne as the man who accidentally starts the end of the world thanks to his peeling.

The final filmed task of the series involved building a model bridge strong enough to support, yes, a potato. The interesting thing about this task was that Greg and Alex did try and help by taping some wood, a roll of tape and a pair of scissors under the table, and putting up small signs saying that there was stuff under the table – but no-one noticed. While Jon built the highest bridge, again it was Joe who got the most applause after figuring out he should bend playing cards to make stronger arches. The last live task again attracted Katherine’s wrath as it involved among other things putting a tie on, which as a woman she has never done.

Having seen the whole series, here are some final thoughts: the challenges are very entertaining, but it is annoying when anyone chickens out of them. The best contestant in terms of comedy value was Joe, who ironically was the worst in getting actual points. It would be good to see more diverse contestants on the show. So far each series, including the one coming up that has already been recorded, feature just one woman on each show, one BAME contestant, and no LGBT contestants.

Lastly, it might be worth diversifying into other vegetables.