Taskmaster: Series Two, Episode 4 – Welcome to Rico Face

Taskmaster Series Two 8

In the penultimate episode of the series we witness a hostage taking, fruit hiding and vegetable constructing.

The prize task on this episode of Taskmaster was to bring in the coolest blue thing, in which Greg Davies was most impressed by the people who brought in the stuff that was bluest as in rude rather than the colour. The first task involved rescuing a toy cat named Patatas (more from Taskmaster’s love of potatoes), with the best rescue winning. This meant most people did badly when they found out the cat was a toy and they just threw stuff at it. Katherine Ryan was the only one to care for the cat by providing it a bag to land in, whereas Richard Osman infuriatingly just gave in.

One the best tasks so far this series was concealing a pineapple among your person, with the person winning being the one who could make the Taskmaster’s assistant Alex Horne make the most incorrect guesses. Jon Richardson was the best by hiding little bits of pineapple in lots of places, making Horne guess more; whereas Joe Wilkinson fared less well after he decide to hide pineapple up his bottom.

However, the best task was yet to come. Doc Brown, Wilkinson, Osman and Ryan were given the chance to create their own task for the others. What they didn’t know was that only Richardson was doing the tasks, and Richardson had to guess who create the task as he was the guinea pig for this experiment. This resulted in him having to do among other things provide a make-up tutorial and perform the William Tell Overture using just his hands and cheeks.

The other challenges involved a team task, that was to construct something from a range of flat pack furniture, and in the case of the “father and son team” (Richard and Richardson) they decide to stage a fake kidnapping of Horne. The live challenge once again returned to potatoes, with everyone constructing a tower using only potato products.

There are several thoughts concerning this episode. First, is Taskmaster sponsored by the potatoes division of the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (formerly the Potato Council), because I suspect it is what with all the potato items used throughout this series. Secondly, it is sad to see Osman quitting the cat rescue challenge, and I think Davies needs to punish people more for not doing the tasks. Forgot just giving no points, they should actually lose points.

Finally, the last point to remember is never to shove pineapple up your arse.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 22.00 on Tuesdays.