The Bridge Series-Blog: Week 4, Episodes 7 & 8

THE BRIDGE: Saturday 12th May, BBC4, 9pm

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Before we get into the nitty gritty of whodunnit during this week’s double-Bridging, I would first like to draw your attention to what can only be described as the finest scene of the series so far. Having shacked up with his partner since cheating on his wife, Martin is introduced to his colleague’s nightclub lover over the most surreal microwaveable dinner of his life and Saga’s complete lack of social awareness as she lists their sexual activities was nothing short of hilarious. As a colleague she can be a nightmare, but as a character she can put the comedy in hard drama.

“This is Martin. He’s staying with me because his wife has kicked him out.. This is Anton, we have sex now and then.” Golden.

Social ineptitude aside, these two episodes were a dalliance along the wrong track before a stomping breakthrough and at last we seem to have discovered the identity of our disgruntled, truth-telling psychopath – or at least his former identity – after he hijacked a school-bus. It seemed inevitable that the most innocent would be part of the killer’s masterplan at some stage, but thankfully his request was met and the young survived, much to the relief of a gaggle of extras that were drummed up to sit around one television as the clock counted down.

If the involvement of children as the next group of vulnerables was inevitable, then we saw the death of Murdochian hack Daniel Ferbe coming from the other side of the continent. We thought his ecstasy-induced epiphany might have saved him from the chop or that he would be the final lesson, but it seems that Daniel had already sealed his fate many years ago when he accepted a pay-off rather than divulging information invaluable to the killer. Oh Daniel – I shall miss you and your beloved floral man-scarf.

Thankfully we still have Saga, whose ability to find connections is far more developed than her ability to make them. She may still be talking about her menstrual cycle, but she’s definitely grown more self-aware as the series has progressed. At times her relationship with Martin is comparable to that of a curious child and an exasperated parent, yet she’s certainly picking things up during his frequent life lessons. Maybe nobody’s bothered to explain society’s unwritten rules to her before, but she seems interested in them.

Character progression aside, there was plenty for us to get our teeth into this week and tonight’s second episode was the finest of the series so far. We had an exciting red-herring in the form of Anderson and his well-named sidekick Kent Hammer, before the breakthrough came which sets us up a potentially cracking finale next week. The way that Martin pointedly told his wife that they were now hunting ‘Jens’ leads us to believe they had some history there. We know that he cheated Mette before “many years ago”, but who with? Saga noticed that Martin seemed upset by the prospect that the killer could be a policeman at the start of the seventh episode, could it be much more personal than that? Either way, we doubt August will be getting much action on his date with ‘Frida’..

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