The C Word

The C Word

I would be lying to you if I said I did not cry while watching this movie. The C Word based on the true-life events of Lisa Lynch is not just another cancer movie. Yes, it may be a movie that deals with cancer but the bigger picture here is the portrayal of the beauty of life.

In this BBC One special, Sheridan Smith plays Lisa Lynch who as a young newly married 28 year old receives the news that she has breast cancer. Upon finding that out, Lisa decides to begin a blog to document her struggles and triumphs with “the Bullshit” aka cancer.

The blog becomes a place for her emotions but also for her family and friends to keep up with how she’s doing. As time progresses, she builds a community around her blog and eventually even gets to write her own book and beat cancer.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst when her cancer comes back full force and this time it’s terminal. As the movie progressed, I could feel the audience going through the ups and downs Lisa was facing. There were clear sounds of just out right sobbing and it was difficult to not root for a woman who was fighting so hard.

I must say that this is one of the best portrayals of cancer I have seen adapted on screen. Director Tim Kirkby does an amazing job at working out the difficult scenes and writer Nicole Taylor does justice to the book with her script.

The main message of this movie was not about death but rather about life. It showed the audience the importance of finding joy about every day and to also see that cancer is a true struggle and in no ways should be romanticized. It also brings awareness about checking for signs of cancer and to really open up a conversation about death.

I would highly recommend this film to everyone because cancer is a scary thing and the more we understand it, the less of a fear it becomes.

The C Word is to air on BBC One later this April.