The Call Centre


The Call Centre is one of those shows that isn’t really good or bad. In fact, it’s both good and bad in a weird sense. Watching it is like absorbing both good and bad vibes from what is a show showcasing the day to day antics of an average call centre in the UK. The only difference is that this is no ordinary call centre, and ever since the first TV ads began airing its been making waves across social media, with a variety of reactions.

The highlight of the show is the boss Nev, a man full of character and personality that has been giving audiences a wide variety of impressions. Some saying it’s scripted, others believing that this man is genuine, as well as his antics. An example would be in the first episode, where Nev is confronted by a depressed office worker, going through the aftermath of a bad breakup. Instead of doing the decent thing and giving her strong wise words of encouragement to go on with her head held high, he dedicates almost three quarters of the episode’s running time finding her a new boyfriend within the corners of the office (He’s successful).

Most of the office workers do showcase themselves in a variety of ways when the camera falls upon them, and some of it does tend to create the impression that there is some staging involved with the production. Other great characters include Hayley the tea girl, who really brings out a strong Welsh vibe to the show and is shown to be fun, but ferocious at the same time.

The general target audience for The Call Centre would be a audience of 16-25 year olds, who are fans of these outrageous, character strong reality shows. With that audience in mind, many would assume that several moments in the show would be staged. Episode 1 sees Hayley fall victim to a prank where her tea bags go missing, courtesy of the male co-workers. Whilst this is only speculation and not something that is obvious to fans, it does raise the idea that something like The Call Centre would be capable of manipulating the public in a subtle way to make audiences embrace call centre life much more loosely.

On screen, The Call Centre provides audiences with its own unique insight into The Call Centre world. While this office is very much different from other offices in the UK, it’s the characters and the atmosphere which makes the location much more unique and overall makes the show such an appealing prospect to journey into. The antics of the workers and the napoleon style rule of Nev’s business are key elements that make The Call Centre such a strong show for BBC Three. And judging by its strong ratings in the first few episodes, it seems that BBC Three have managed to unearth a hit that they even didn’t expect.