The Field of Blood


As someone who wasn’t around in the 80’s, knows nothing at all about Scotland or investigative journalism and isn’t a woman, I found it hard to relate to this programme. But this didn’t prevent the intriguing nature of the journalist’s perspective, offering intimate insights into the state of the ‘Daily News’ under the tyranny of its ice cold new owner ‘Maloney’, from drawing me in.

The makers seem to have sprinkled all the characters with a healthy dose of cliché, resulting in the struggling but brilliant young worker (Jayd Johnson), the powerful ball-breaker of a feminist (Katherine Kelly), and the ‘ol’ reliable’ Scotsman (Ford Kiernan). However, despite my best efforts, I found myself caring for Paddy as she blindly waded through waters it’s obvious she should’ve steered clear of.

In terms of plot, the story is the same sort of format that we’ve all seen before. Much like in series such as ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘The Killing’, where a murder is being investigated; a supporting character is harmed; the search gets intense; and finally there’s a good old fashion Scooby Doo style unmasking. So don’t watch hoping for something which you already own the doppelganger box set.

As a setting, Glasgow was strangely glorified compared to the condition of the characters. Every room and street is well lit and saturated, from the moody atmosphere of the newspaper HQ, to the supposedly grotty home of Paddy and her family. So if you’re trying to avoid anything black, violent or a trigger for your Seasonal Affective Disorder, this will suit you.

For those of you who can’t sit through another crime drama then don’t. You aren’t missing anything game-changing; but if you’re comfortable with sitting through a thirty year old variation-on-a-theme, then watch.

In a word? Average.