The Insider

10 days, 1 job, 4 people, 1 ‘insider’, and a hell of a lot of Will.I.Am / Brittany Spears.

Very few things separate ‘The Insider’ from The Apprentice. These things being the varying and fashionable jobs (Advertising, Event Planning, Fashion etc); the fact that we move to a different set of contestants every week, and strange cut-off montages that look strangely similar to the ones in ‘Saw’. Aside from this, it’s almost a mirror image; from the claustrophobic taxi shots to the big town house.

However, in terms of quality and watch-ability, it’s a matter of audience and target market. So where The Apprentice can feel like a marriage (long term commitments with the same face(s)), and The Insider like a one night fling, (may dislike them but it’s irrelevant). Take your pick.

Having a current employee disguised as one of the applicants adds a refreshing twist, and I did find myself genuinely intrigued into who it was going to be. Even scheming up some elaborate predicting patterns didn’t help me though.

What really lets the show down, is its sense of purpose, as none of these contestants seem to be anything special in terms of their abilities; the hardest challenge for the budding event planners was arranging flowers and calling the right people ‘Sir’. This may be so as to not confuse the viewer with technical terms and activities, but it’s fair to say Big Brother has harder tasks.

Compared to some of material that BBC Three can come up with, this isn’t bad going. And even if it’s not as strong as The Apprentice in terms of purpose, it’s certainly more fun

In a word? Colourful.


The Insider is on Mondays at 9pm on BBC