The Science of Doctor Who

The Science of Doctor Who 1 brian cox

Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary celebrations are beginning to kick off, with shows littered across the BBC schedule in the coming months. On every possible channel. The show that will start proceedings is BBC Two’s The Science of Doctor Who, which has Professor Brian Cox answering the queries that Doctor Who has left us pondering.

The show begins with what I found to be a very witty and light hearted comedy skit featuring Brian Cox & The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), before moving on to The Royal Institution Of Great Britain in which Cox begins his lecture to a face of famous faces (Richard Bacon, Charles Dance, Steven Moffat, etc).

If you’re a fan of Brian Cox, then the idea of him talking about Doctor Who in a serious way is one to get excited about. I would compare his voice to that of a grandpa telling you stories about years of old. He has that sort of delicacy about him. It’s a very soothing, warm voice that allows you to relax and be comfortable around him. Cox demonstrates several of his theories with experiments. Plucking volunteers out from the crowd, the results are both mad but also fascinating to watch. This makes it much clearer for a mainstream audience who might be confused or even bored by Cox’s endless talk on science.

And that’s my real problem with this show. For a mainstream audience not completely obsessed with science, it’s going to be difficult to engage with the content that Cox is presenting. They will find themselves lost and confused by what is being shown, and are likely to change the channel. Hence the reason this is being shown on BBC Two: to attract a niche audience, rather than struggle with a mainstream one. Despite that, The Science of Doctor Who is likely to please its target audience and get viewers of all ages excited about the celebrations to come.

The Science of Doctor Who – BBC2, 14 November