The Walking Dead Series 2 Blog: Episode 10 – 18 Miles Out

*This is series blog for people who are watching the second series of Walking Dead and have seen the tenth episode. As such, it contains spoilers. Read our episode nine blog here*

THE WALKING DEAD: Friday 2nd March, FX, 10pm

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. As characters clash and tensions reach boiling point, us viewers are treated to what’s possibly the best instalment of The Walking Dead so far. Hot off the heels of last week’s antics, Rick and Shane are escorting their recently recuperated tag-along to a remote area in order to give him a fighting chance of survival. The plan’s simple. Find a location that’s far away from Hershel’s farm; dump the guy and leave. However when the dead walk the earth, simplicity’s the first thing to jump out the window.

Thanks to Lori’s tip off, Rick’s now aware that Shane harbours some serious doubts about his partner’s leadership skills. He’s also clued into the fact that Shane believes wholeheartedly that Lori and her unborn child are his property. Needless to say, the duo needs to straighten things out. After locating an abandoned school yard, Shane and Rick set about unloading their unwanted cargo but when he lets slip that he knows Hershel’s daughter Maggie, Rick’s carefully plotted plan is thrown into question. It’s not long before the discussion of what to do with this newfound liability quickly deteriorates into a vicious fight between Rick and Shane. Fists fly as the two battle each other across the seemingly vacant schoolyard but when Shane tosses a wrench through a window these frenemies discover they aren’t as alone as they once thought.

Much like Hershel’s barn, the building houses a hoard of particularly nasty looking Walkers, forcing the duo to think on their feet to escape. This nail-biting sequence is exactly what fans of the show have been waiting for. Gloriously gory and unbearably tense, it reminds you why you’ve invested so much time into this dark story and cements its status as one of the most compelling programmes on TV. Meanwhile back at the farm Hershel’s youngest, Beth (Emily Kinney), is on suicide watch having roused from her sedated state. Lori, Maggie and Andrea take turns watching her, however it soon becomes clear that not everyone has Beth’s best interests at heart.

As series two nears the end of it’s thirteen-episode ark, it becomes more and more clear that this is a show that’s finally found its groove. Unafraid of taking the darker path and reluctant to turn away from the brain-splattering realities of life in an Undead world, The Walking Dead is simply a must for horror fans. With only three episodes left to go, 18 Miles Out leaves you wondering whether there’s light at the end of the tunnel or just more darkness. Either way, we’ll be there to find out.

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