The Walking Dead Series 2 Blog: Episode 7 – Pretty Much Dead Already

*This is series blog for people who are watching the second series of Walking Dead and have seen the seventh episode. As such, it contains spoilers. Read last week’s blog here*

THE WALKING DEAD – EPISODE 7, SECRETS: Friday 18th November, FX, 10pm

The Walking Dead has been bugging the living recently. Well, all those in front of TV screens that is. Their main gripe? It’s a bit too slow, too wordy and lacking in the brain-piercing, blood-spurting zombie mayhem department. Personally I don’t agree. In my opinion, the show’s characters are interesting enough to allow for some story developing chit-chat whilst not losing my goldfish-like attention span. While the gratuitous zombie gore may have been fleeting, every time a grizzly undead meat-head lumbered into view this season it’s been more than memorable. This week, these off-screen tensions spill over onto Hershel’s farm, as all hell breaks loos just in time for the mid-season finale.

The group are divided. They’re all aware of the farm’s deadly barn and, led by a severely losing it Shane, want to take matters into their own hands. The others, led by Rick (who’s having a bit of leadership crisis), want to try to work out a solution that’s respectful of Hershel and his family. After all, they’re guests on his land. However, it’s not easy. The farm is a haven for the group, sheltering them from the hell that awaits beyond and with Rick recently discovering that Lori is preggo he’ll do anything he can to stay in Hershel’s good books. Including helping him humanely lasso some Walkers and return them to his wooden zombie zoo.

In Rick’s absence Shane sees his opportunity and strikes. Convinced that his former partner’s compassion deems him unsuitable to lead the group in this new ruthless world he flips out, stirring up panic in the rest of the group and convincing them to storm the barn, much to Dale’s dismay. Rick and Hershel return in the midst of the commotion and despite Rick’s desperate pleas for Shane to reconsider his actions, the barn door bursts open allowing the walking dead to pour out onto Hershel’s farm. The group are forced to open fire, shooting down the gnarled undead along with any chance they had of staying at his safe farmhouse. It’s a sorry state of affairs for the group to find themselves in and just when you’re wondering whether Shane is the ruthless leader the group need, Rick proves why his level-headed compassion makes him a better boss than his deranged buddy could ever be.

You may be wondering how exactly he does this but spoilers are no fun. Let’s just say this week’s finale answers all your burning questions, but you may not like what you hear. Once again the future of the group has been thrust into perilous uncertainty. We’ll have to wait until February to feel the full effects of Shane’s actions but one thing’s for sure, they have a long, dark road ahead of them.

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