The Walking Dead Series 2 Blog: Episode 9 – Triggerfinger

*This is series blog for people who are watching the second series of Walking Dead and have seen the ninth episode. As such, it contains spoilers. Read our episode eight blog here*

THE WALKING DEAD: Friday 24th February, FX, 10pm

Things just won’t let up on The Walking Dead. The events of the past few weeks have strained relationships and pushed people to their limits. This week proves to be no different, as we get ever closer to that inevitable moment where all hell breaks loose. Rick may have saved Glenn and Hershel from a deadly encounter at the bar but his necessary actions weren’t without consequence. It’s not long before the buddies of the two recently deceased drifters start sniffing around forcing Rick to overcome yet another tricky situation.

However, not everyone’s a fan of his rekindled mantra of doing the right thing in a very wrong world. Despite trying his best to diffuse the situation it’s not long before their saloon safe house becomes the theatre for a Western-style gun fight. Thanks to some smooth manoeuvres by Glenn and Hershel’s sharp shooting the trio manage to make it to their truck in one piece, but not without picking up an injured member of the other team. Like Alan Partridge, this guy’s caught his leg on a nasty spiked gate, unlike Alan Partridge; he’s moments away from becoming Zombie chow. He’s in luck though, as Rick’s compassionate streak kicks forcing the group to save this impaled foe via a hasty spike removal.

That’s just one of a few gratuitously gory sequences on offer this week, once again proving the show knows the perils of blowing its bloody load too soon. Since its return, The Walking Dead has walked the fine line between story development and flesh crunching chaos with ease. The result is an unbearably tense outing in which us viewers are heavily invested. It doesn’t matter which character falls victim to the grabby hands of the hungry undead (and I’m sure we’re not far off a major player biting it), we’re all sure to feel it. After all, having spent hours with them on Hershel’s farm, we’ve gotten to know these people pretty well.

Of course the big mistake we make is that one of our on-screen faves will meet their end at the jaws of a Walker. Based on this week’s instalment, perhaps it’s the living we should be worried about. As Shane and Lori’s fling is very much put to bed, the catalyst for a power struggle is born. Rick’s shown just what he’s willing to do to anyone who threatens those important to him and Shane is misguided enough to sink to desperate lengths to protect what he feels is rightfully his. Maybe Hershel’s farm isn’t as safe from chaos as we once thought…

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