Toast of London: Series 3, Episode 2 – Beauty Calls


The thick slice of comedy that is the Toast of London was a little mellower this week, compared to the disconnected craziness of last week, not compared to a normal show, obviously.

It was pleasing to see such a nice satirical take on beauty pageants; the whole concept is decidedly taken up a notch and transported into a very possible future.

My favourite part of a Toast of London episode, though, is always the small, irrelevant gags. There’s a small joke about pubs constantly asking you how large your glass of wine should be, jokes about reticent house-mates, jokes about pretty much everything other than and including the topic of the episode. There’s even a whole arc about home-brewing alcohol.

Plus, Toast is back in the recording booth after being briefly usurped.

The song, as always, was a low point for the episode. It was fine when The Mighty Boosh broke into song in every episode because they performed actual fully fledged songs that I’d listen to by themselves. The songs in Toast are always little soggy interludes that are meant to enhance…something.

The best way to approach an episode of TOL, is to be prepared for a show that isn’t really looking for you to pay attention to it. It’s like a cat; aloof, confusing, independent, but very rewarding if you put in the time and catch it at the right moment.

I’m giving this episode: 4 and a half octopus test results out of 9.

Toast of London is on Wednesdays evenings at 22.30 on Channel 4.