Toast of London: Series 3, Episode 4 – Bob a Job


An impressive episode of TOL. Very ‘stream on consciousness’ writing, classic loosely connected plot, and featuring a live performance of the usual musical interlude. Episode 4 also adds a little more clarity to the Ray Purchase and Stephen Toast feud.

It’s great to see the character of Ed (Toast’s house-mate) getting some more development and screen-time; he’s almost as uniquely strange as Toast himself. Whole scenes are often devoted to fleshing out a single minor detail of Ed’s sordid interest portfolio.

Although I didn’t feel the same glow of genius wash over me during this episode as I did when Toast’s apartment was caving-in on him in a prior instalment, it’s still an excellent evolution of this absurd comedy experiment that’s somehow still going.

I’m giving this episode 3 band-aids, a rain coat, and 2 Bill Murrays.