Toast of London: Series 3, Episode 5 – Man of Sex


This week featured a character with pervasive Spanish guitar theme music, a Doctor of Drums, and a cyclical alcoholic.

The drum doctor was particularly enjoyable. It’s so arbitrary it could have been something someone accidentally said at a pub one time and now it’s a character in a TV show: ‘Can you actually be a Doctor of Drums?’

Ray Purchase has his role ‘expanded’ to a degree, providing excellent ‘Newman!’ moments with Toast.

In a similar vein to the episode about beauty pageants, this episode of TOL could be making a statement about the deceptive and destructive nature of alcoholism but it could also just be funny.

The song interlude this time wasn’t too intrusive, which was nice, but didn’t seem to add anything helpful to the plot either.

This episode is firing on all cylinders, some rectangular prisms, and a rhombus; reaching ‘house falling down around them’ heights of hilarity.

I’m giving it 4 toad-shoes, an egg painting, and 3 diamond ears.

The finale of Toast of London is on 23rd December on Channel 4 at the earlier time of 22.00.