Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out

Vic and Bob's Big Night Out
Picture Shows: Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer. Image Credit: BBC/Sophie Mutevelian.

Following a special revival at the end of last year, Reeves and Mortimer are back for a full series of the show that originally made their name.

There are certainly some old favourites returning in this opening episode, from their keyboard dance from Shooting Stars, to their pan-fights from The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, and from the original Big Night Out “Novelty Island”, in which Vic’s old enemy Graham Lister did a turn involving an owl he rescued that would urine when it heard the name “Shakira”.

The trademark surrealism and madness was all there still, such as the sight of Vic flicking his face off to reveal a ringing church bell in his skull. There was also a visit from “Tom Cruise” (Vaun Earl Norman) while he was taking a break filming a stunt, and a visit to the “Keep on Truckin’ Sandwich Club”, whose members had managed to flog a lot of stuff to Chris Evans for several thousand pounds.

For many, Vic and Bob’s humour is still an acquired taste, but there is still something that is both hilarious and enduring about their brand of comedy, which you rarely see these days. They mix this bonkers silliness with great elements that are visual and musical. The church bell skull routine is at first very shocking when you see it, but as they joke goes on you find yourself willing to accept whatever proposition they set up.

Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out is on Wednesdays at 22.00.