Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out – Episode 4

Vic and Bob Episode 4
Picture Shows: Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer. Image Credit: BBC/Sophie Mutevelian.

The finale of the series arguably feels the most like the original Big Night Out, given the return of some classic characters.

Among those on tonight are The Man with the Stick, who claims he has just travelled from the future to kill Vic. Also back are Donald and Davey Stott performing a magic routine, plus the news that Davey has a Native American girlfriend.

We also get to see Vic doing a photoshoot using a camera blocked with a cucumber, Bob attempting to create a Diversity-style dance routine, and both have some fun with practical jokes in a public lavatory.

The series has been a joy: both the return of their famous creations, along with their new material. I especially enjoyed their ghost hunting sketches.

Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out is on the BBC iPlayer.