Walking Dead Series 2 Blog: Finale Review – The Dying Fire

*This is series blog for people who are watching the second series of Walking Dead and have seen the thirteenth episode. As such, it contains spoilers. Read our episode twelve blog here*

THE WALKING DEAD: Friday 23rd March, FX, 10pm

“Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind…â€? These words mumbled from a world weary Hershel in this week’s climactic final instalment of The Walking Dead sum up season two perfectly. Throughout the past thirteen episodes we’ve seen the group struggle from one catastrophe to the next and one by one have their hope irreparably shattered. This week’s explosion of a show forces our heroes to run for their lives, desperately trying to escape the chaos set in motion by the revelatory events of last week’s final moments. However as we watch the group scatter into the darkness we’re reminded that there’s no clear path out of this undead mess.

The nightmare that exists beyond Hershel’s farm has finally found its way onto his secure haven. Over run and out numbered, the group try valiantly to protect their rural safe house. Hershel has the guns but he’s impossibly outnumbered by the impending hoard, forcing him to retreat. Confusion and anarchy spreads throughout the farm instantly – on discovering they’re surrounded, Rick and Carl lead a wad of walkers into a barnyard bonfire but only dint the overall flock. Despite trying their hardest to make it out of there all in one piece there are a few inevitable casualties. However luckily for us viewers, The Walking Dead’s crack team of writers cherry-picked a few of the show’s lesser-known faces to become Zombie-chow. Sorry Hershel, but it turns out your family is good grizzly death scene fodder.

Having relocated to the freeway, Rick, Hershel and Carl huddle around the road sign they left for Sophia to discuss their options. It’s here where the gravity of their situation hits home. Meanwhile, Carl is having his own dilemma, questioning the actions of his father, the self-imposed leader. This quandary spreads like a zombie infection when, one by one, the remainder of the group returns. Circling a dying fire, Rick once again succumbs to his noble persona and spills the chilling beans on Dr Jenner’s final secret. The news both shocks and appals the group, throwing his leadership skills into the firing line indefinitely.

What’s more, having been left for dead Andrea is rescued by a hooded machete-wielding stranger. It’ll be a few months before we find out whether or not this mysterious vigilante is good or bad. Once again, uncertainty is the name of the game. Having tried his best to ressurect normalcy in a very abnormal world, Rick has finally reached breaking point. The group are back where they started – literally – but emotionally they’re much worse for wear. What dark twist will their doomed path take next? All will be revealed when The Walking Dead returns.

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