What the Hell is.. Sinbad?

SINBAD begins on Sunday 8th July on Sky1 at 7pm.

Is this something to do with the Lion King?
Erm, no. Not Simba, Sinbad. Completely different story. Sinbad was written a teensy bit earlier than the Lion King.
How much earlier?
Just a century.
Yes. The show does have a character called Nala in it though — that could get confusing…
Oh fantastic. Well, I’ll try to keep up. So what’s it about?
Well my old land-lubber, this is a tale of adventure on the high seas, centring around a charming young man named Sinbad whose reckless street-fighting has tragic consequences, causing him to be banished to the sea and basically cursed never to return to land again. Kind of like Bill Nighy in Pirates of the Caribbean.
Davy Jones wasn’t a street-fighter, was he?
No… I just meant the whole not being allowed on land — can we move on please?
Alright then. I suppose there’s going to be loads of action..
Aye aye, matey. It’s action-packed. There’s plenty of scrapping and the (probably really expensive) CGI visuals create some surprisingly convincing monsters and beasts for our hero to fight.
Hmmm… I tend to like my programmes to be a bit serious…
Don’t fret, my friend. While the opening episodes contain giant water monsters and huge flying dragons, there’s definitely a more sombre element to it. Some parts are pretty grim actually.
It’s on at 7 o’clock though so it can’t be too gloomy.
True. If you enjoy family-orientated shows like Merlin, you’ll love Sinbad. Most of it is colourful fantasy suitable for the whole family to watch. However the opener in particular does have some blood and gore that might freak out very young or very sensitive children a bit..
Sounds like it has something for everyone.
So who are the stars> Will I recognise anyone?
Excellent question. Elliot Knight who plays Sinbad himself is a newbie but elsewhere there’s a familiar face for every generation. Ever seen LOST?
Have I?!
Well you’ve got Sayid, but this time he’s even gloomier. Meanwhile being an ex-Eastender, Sinbad’s brother will be recognised by Albert Square-lovers. And even if you’re a teenager who’s been hiding from soaps their whole life, he’s also the kid in that Kerching! programme you used to watch when you were about eight.
Nice. Anyone else?
Glad you asked. For the oldies, there’s Denzil, a character from everyone over 40’s favourite programme: Only Fools and Horses.
Well, what more could you ask for? Turns out Sinbad really does have everything.

Watch the SINBAD Trailer here..