What The Hell Is.. The Preston Passion?

THE PRESTON PASSION: Good Friday, BBC1, 12 Noon

I’m a heathen living in Brighton who thinks Birmingham is in the North. What is The Preston Passion and why should I care?
Very simply, its a modern day retelling of the traditional religious play made famous by Mel Gibson and Jesus Christ. A 12pm timeslot on Good Friday should give you enough time to get into the Easter spirit after getting back from Church/recovering from your Thursday night booze-up.

So, the BBC is putting on a blood-drenched production that has been accused of anti-Semitism?
Of course not! Even the Beeb have enough respect for the watershed to hold off on the torture-porn. Instead, the production (most of which is being filmed live – with three pre-recorded pieces Pilate, Mary and Jesus) will be a community project packed with volunteers and full of music and drama, which tells the story of Jesus’s final hours as he faced crucifixion. Apparently, it will also try to explain what it means to be a Christian in modern Britain..

..Complaining about not being able to pray at Council Meetings, if you read The Daily Mail. But surely something so religious will try and recruit me for the God Squad?
You couldn’t be more wrong my friend. While this is still a Christian production, it will be comprised of a series of live performances of classics such as ‘You’ve Got the Love’, the aforementioned pre-recorded pieces (above is a scene from the tale of Pontius Pilate, re-imagined as the struggle of a man torn by a mill-workers’ strike in 1842) and choreographed routines throughout the city.

That’s all well and good, but they can’t have convinced anyone worthwhile to be involved with this, can they?
Wrong again. Admittedly the Black Eyed Peas will not be putting in an appearance, but the BBC seem to have covered all of its bases with Fern Britton for the oldies and Jamelia (‘You’ve Got The Love’) to keep the ‘youths’ entertained.

So, the BBC is actually going to celebrate a religious holiday? This must be a first!
Actually, the BBC has done this twice before; once in Liverpool and another time in Manchester.

They seem to be obsessed with the North..
That’s because it’s God’s region my pagan friend..

But Preston? Really?
Stop being such a southern cliché.

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