What The Hell Is.. The Richard Dimbleby Lecture?

THE RICHARD DIMBLEBY LECTURE 2012: Tuesday 28th February, BBC1, 10.35pm

Hang on, has another member of the Dimbleby dynasty been produced at the BBC national treasure labs?
No, this is Richard, father of Dimblebi David and Jonathan. He was also a famous BBC broadcaster though, who died in 1965, and this lecture series was founded in his memory.
His memory?
He was the one who broadcasted from the Normandy beaches during the D-Day landings, reported first from Belsen, covered Elizabeth II’s coronation and Winston Churchill’s funeral, and hosted Panorama. Oh, and told the world that spaghetti grows on trees.
Classic Dimbleby. So who takes part?
An influential public figure delivers the lecture each year, and this is its 36th birthday. Leaders of various industries have taken part in recent years: Sir Ian Blair, Head of the Met; Dr J Craig Venter, genetics pioneer; the Prince of Wales; Sir Terry Pratchett, fantasy novelist; Michael Morpurgo, children’s author, and James Dyson, His Excellency the King of the Hoovers.
Hmm, something for everyone then. What do they speak about?
Anything they choose. Pratchett caused quite a stir in 2010 when his speech titled “Shaking Hands With Deathâ€? argued in favour of euthanasia, a conclusion he had come to when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Morpurgo’s speech last year called “Set Our Children Freeâ€? praised teachers and parents who put bonding time with their children over their careers. A far cry from the adventurous gnomes and misplaced whales the authors respectively made their names from…
Oo-er looks like I’ll have to switch off Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and pay attention. Who’ll be talking this year?
Sir Paul Nurse – Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine and general big deal in the genetics world. He’s going to expound the wonders of science and its relationship with culture and civilisation, as well as how it can improve our existence. Well, we assume. It’s broadcasted live, so for all we know he could revive the spaghetti tree theory.
Sounds a bit complicated for a late Tuesday night…
The lectures are highly prestigious, and have had very positive reactions in the past. Plus, you might even learn something new…
…and it’ll only be for 45 minutes so you can be in and out before Benidorm finishes, you incurable philistine.
Well, I’m sold!