What’s So Great About AutumnWatch Live?

AUTUMNWATCH LIVE: Every Friday for 8 weeks, BBC2, 8.30pm

Everyone’s talking about AutumnWatch Live. Explain..
Well my friend, while for you and your mates Friday evenings mean getting hammered, scoffing kebabs and stalking your ex on Facebook, the rest of us will be enjoying the British wildlife in all its glory.
Are you a hippy?
No, I’m simply one of the two million people who enjoy winding down after a tiring week by watching this warm-hearted nature programme..
So it’s only on in autumn is it?
You’re brighter than you look aren’t you? Yes as you’ve worked out, this programme only takes place during autumn, when the British countryside is transforming gloriously. AutumnWatch has been going for a couple of years now and branched out from the highly-successful SpringWatch, which started in 2005.
Wow. That is interesting. So what’s the deal then?
I’ll ignore the sarcasm. AutumnWatch follows the very best wildlife action from the beginning to the end of this dramatic season, with presenters and camera teams hitting the road, visiting our most iconic wild places and revealing new and surprising wildlife stories, as they happen. They’ll also be reporting on the latest wildlife news and encouraging everyone to get out and experience the best of the season for themselves.
So this is going to be on TV for the whole of autumn?
It will be on every Friday evening for the next eight weeks yes..
And who are these tree-huggers at the top of the page?
That’s the ever-enthusiastic Chris Packham, Martin Hughes-Games are Michaela Strachan. The very popular Kate Humble will probably be returning for SpringWatch 2012..
Sounds like you’ve got a bit of a thing for this Humble lady..
I think all men of a certain age do..
So where can I find out more?
If you can drag yourself away from YouTube for a couple of minutes then there’s loads more content, videos and all the rest of it on the AutumnWatch site. >http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/uk/