Who Do You Think You Are? Adil Ray

Adil Ray
Adil Ray. Image Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall Media Ltd/Mike Garner.

This time the actor behind Citizen Khan looks into his mixed heritage, including Pakistani immigrants to Kenya, and Ugandan royalty.

Adil Ray begins by looking into his grandparents; namely is Pakistani grandfather who left his homeland aged 16, set up a successful business selling tin water tanks, and then married a Ugandan orphan. This led to problems with prejudice due to this being a mixed marriage, but he became incredibly well respected and helped the building of a local mosque.

What is more remarkable however is that there is a rumour in his family that the Ugandan side of the family has royal blood. Ray discovers there is truth in this, in that his 3xgreat grandfather, a man named Kamanyiro, was a chieftain, who cousin was Muteesa I of the region of Buganda.

There was an interesting mixture of elements to this edition. One was the issue of prejudice between the Indian and African communities at the time, and how prejudices today still persist in different ways. The other is the surprising discovery that Ray has royal blood, and realising just how deeply rooted in Africa his ancestry actually is.

Again, this has been an enjoyable episode. One interesting connect with last week’s edition starring Clare Balding is that both have aristocratic connections, and it was interesting to see both the similarities and differences between their roles.

Who Do You Think You Are? is on Thursdays at 21.00.