Who Do You Think You Are? – Olivia Colman

Who Do You Think You Are Olivia Colman
Picture Shows: Olivia Colman at the French Protestant Church of London, Soho, London. Image Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Stephen Perry.

The Peep Show and Broadchurch star found some surprising roots as she traced back her family tree.

While she herself comes from Norfolk and the most exotic rumour about her family being there might be a Frenchwoman somewhere, she learns from her mother’s side of the family her 4xGreat Grandfather came from Saint Helena and worked for the East India Company. Colman also learns of numerous affairs between him and his wife, leading him to petition parliament for divorce while he was secretly having affair at the same time. During this time it is discovered that he had been married previously to a woman in India.

Thus most of the episode sees Colman travelling in India, from remote border towns to Kolkata, as she learns about the journeys her family made back and forth between England and India, as well as relationships that ended tragically early, and eventually finding a connection to Scotland.

Given the many affairs and travels, it is a bit hard at times to keep abreast with all of the details of this particular episode, but it is certainly an emotional one and Colman breaks into tears several times in this edition. You do feel yourself getting involved s you unpick all the details of the travels and relationships.

Who Do You Think You Are? is on BBC One at 21.00 on Mondays.