Would I Lie to You?

Would I Lie To You 1

There’s a moment in the new series of Would I Lie To You? (WILTY?) where Bob Mortimer tries to convince the opposite panel that he used to play a childhood game called ‘Thieves and Shrubbery’. He and his friends would sneak into neighbours gardens, look through their back windows and slowly chant, ‘we do beg your pardon, we are in your garden’. It doesn’t matter whether he’s telling the truth or not, because it perfectly sums up just how fun this show can be.

Now entering its ninth season, WILTY? is still as funny as it’s ever been. Somewhere between the charming affable host (Rob Brydon), lightning witted Lee Mack and razor sharp David Mitchell, they play in a format that feels consistently fresh. The dynamic is perfectly set and the environment easy enough for a John Cooper Clarke or Jermaine Jenas to get involved.

It’s almost the panel show equivalent of a sitcom. A good sitcom establishes its characters well enough so that when they’re thrown into a situation (the ‘sit’ part), we already know the comedy (the ‘com’ part) that’s going to occur. So when David Mitchell tries to convince us that he accidently placed an auction bid with a sneeze, or Lee Mack swears he knows karate – we can’t help but smile.

Who needs the truth when you’re having this much fun.
Would I Lie To You? begins on Friday 8:30pm BBC1. Click here for a preview clip.