Preview: Unapologetic


Yinka Bokinni and Zeze Millz host the second season of Unapologetic – the talk show that explores the topics many are scared to discuss publicly for fear of being ‘cancelled’.

In this series, they are joined by panellists who are driving these discussions in the social media space, and guests with real-life experience of the issues under debate. This week, our leading ladies are putting their guests in the hot seat to debate colour-blind casting, following the online backlash against Black actors cast in traditionally White roles, such as The Little Mermaid, The Lord of the Rings, and House of the Dragon.

Is colour-blind casting progressive or has it gone too far? And with male mental health at an all-time low, with constant attacks in the media over ‘toxic masculinity’, we’re asking what is women’s role in all this and are men the new victims of sexism?

Plus, can porn be good for you? And should you celebrate Halloween if you’re religious?

Unapologetic – Wednesday at 11.05pm on Channel Four.

Image: Channel 4/Dean Belcher