Preview: Upright

Upright - Tim Minchin

Series 2, episode 3 & 4

Lucky reluctantly finds himself in Cairns where he spent some time in the years after he fell out with his brother. Though he tries to lay low, Meg isn’t one for subtlety and quickly makes their presence known. Lucky is concerned she’s running from her problems and the truth of her mother’s abandonment. But as Meg ditches Lucky to continue the search herself, an old friend of Lucky’s tracks them down. And he’s out for blood.

Then, after escaping Lucky’s old mate Duncan, Meg and Lucky continue north. They discover that Meg’s mum may be living at a spiritual Wellfullness Commune out in the middle of nowhere.


Tuesday at 9.00pm on Sky Comedy and Now.

Image: 2022 Upright S2 © Lingo Pictures/ Sky Studios/Scott Belzner.

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