Preview: Vardy v Rooney – A Courtroom Drama

Vardy v Rooney 2

Episode 2 of 2.

Michael Sheen stars in the dramatic recreation of the sensational ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial – one of the most extraordinary libel cases ever to be brought before the High Court.

In the second of this two-part drama, Coleen’s cross-examination begins, as Tomlinson (Simon Coury) throws doubt upon the legitimacy behind Coleen’s claims that Rebekah leaked information about her to the press. Could it be that someone else with access to Coleen’s account was the leak?

Coleen rejects the notion that she revelled in celebratory social media memes after her post went viral, while the Wags’ husbands have a dispute to settle of their own. A fake post about flooding proves difficult to explain away, and as the trial draws to a close, Sherborne (Michael Sheen) delivers a closing statement that infuriates Rebekah.

The judge, Mrs. Justice Steyn (Georgina Neilson-Toy), has heard it all and must now come up with a verdict. All that is left for Rebekah and Coleen to do is to wait…

Vardy v Rooney – A Courtroom Drama

Thursday at 9.00pm on Channel 4.

Image: Marcell Piti.

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