Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out: Episode 2

Vic & Bob Episode 2
Picture Shows: Bob Mortimer, Vic Reeves. Image Credit: BBC/Sophie Mutevelian.

Reeves and Mortimer are still providing us with more downright peculiar comic oddities.

After opening with a delightful song about rappers underpants falling down when bells ring, we get to see the trunk-like nose of Tom Hanks stirring tea, adverts for two albums from some unlikely people, and a look at the dangerous of fireballs.

Highpoints for me include the duo performing a foul-mouthed ghost hunt in Britain’s most haunted toilet (one plop for yes, two plops for no), Vic demonstrating a brand new skill involving a tangerine and his backside, and the return of folk singers Mulligan and O’Hare performing their classic “My Rose Has Left Me”. The return of classic characters and still innovate new ideas still show that they will never run out of ideas.

Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out is on Wednesdays at 22.00.