Preview: Vienna Blood

Vienna Blood Deadly Communion

Series 3, Episode 1 of 3. Deadly Communion

In the first episode of the third season of Vienna Blood, Max Liebermann (Matthew Beard) and Oskar Rheinhardt (Juergen Maurer) navigate the exclusive and beguiling world of high fashion.

With the discovery of a young seamstress murdered in a luxury fashion house, Max and Oskar begin to see that the glamour industry conceals dark and sinister truths.

To identify the killer, this case demands that Max contends with the nature of beauty and the murkier waters of sexual attraction. It’s a trail that will lead Max and Oskar from couture to an altogether more sinister world of exploitation and blackmail.

Vienna Blood: Deadly Communion

Wednesday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Image: BBC/Cactus TV.

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