999: What’s Your Emergency?

What's Your Emergency

Filmed with South Yorkshire Police, this episode reveals how the force responds to cases involving alcohol and the increasing number of call-outs related to excessive drinking by women. ‘Both men and women like drinking too much and taking it too far, but women definitely get judged more,’ says call-handler Kerry Nixon. It’s Saturday night, and people are letting their hair down. It’s 2am and, in Sheffield, PCs Laura Ledger and Bernice Gott investigate a drunk and disorderly incident involving a woman with her pants down. Officers are alerted by a concerned taxi driver to someone found drunk and sound asleep in a gutter. While men still make up the majority of drunk-driving incidents, the percentage of women is increasing, as witnessed by PCs Brad Phillips and Mike Doggett, who attend the scene of a mid-evening crash. Elsewhere, a disturbance in a pub spills out onto the streets, resulting in an arrest for assault and an entire family of young children being forced to go into custody by their mother. PCs Larissa Porter and Sophie Minto respond to a domestic incident involving alcohol. After a woman calls 999 herself, in a confused, lost and drunken state, PCs Jack Mitchell and Ernie Mpundu begin their search for her. Call-handlers are confronted with the pleas of a woman who’s struggling with her violent, alcoholic mother. And a woman is brought into custody after allegedly assaulting her daughter.

999: What’s Your Emergency? – Monday 9pm on Channel 4

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