Yorkshire Firefighters

Yorkshire Firefighters

It’s the run up to Bonfire Night, and the crews across some of West Yorkshire’s 40 stations are wondering how lockdown – and the banning of organised bonfires – will affect their normally busy workload around November 5th. They soon find out as they are called out to a post box fire and reports of a firework being pushed through the letterbox of a house in Leeds, where a terrified mother and young daughter are inside. 

Later that month, 100 firefighters and 17 fire engines are called out to one of the biggest blazes the county has seen in years, as 600,000 tyres catch fire and bring Bradford city centre to a halt with potentially toxic fumes. Residents are told to stay indoors, trains are cancelled, and roads are closed, as Control pull in firefighters from across the county to deal with the inferno, leaving the rest of West Yorkshire low on cover should any other major incident break out. 

Elsewhere, an alarm going off in a mobile phone shop in Leeds is worrying as smoke is seen inside the building – leaving a mystery for the firefighters to solve: there’s smoke, so why no fire?

Yorkshire Firefighters – Monday 7pm on BBC2

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