Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway

Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway

In the next instalment of this groundbreaking series, Kate Garraway meets two more patients with everyday medical conditions. Together with Dr Guddi Singh, she guides them on an interactive medical consultation to help understand their illness.

The medical world is something Kate knows well. During the pandemic, she was thrust into it when her husband Derek developed Covid-19. She has experienced the frustration of not fully understanding scans and diagnoses. In our hub, each of our patients has their scans transformed into incredible augmented reality. In partnership with some of the country’s best doctors, patients are taken on an immersive journey inside their bodies as they look towards better health.

In this episode, two patients experience a mind-blowing medical consultation. First up into the hub is Rozi, a doting grandmother to 23 grandchildren, who was hospitalised with Covid-19. Then we meet Adrian, whose prostate has enlarged so much, his daily life is dominated by pain and the need for a toilet close by.

When Covid-19 restrictions eased, and transmission rates reduced, Rozi and her husband Jonni decided to take a relaxing holiday with their family. However, on returning home, they both began to feel unwell. They had caught the coronavirus, and while Jonni recovered quickly, Rozi became severely unwell with Covid-19. She was admitted to hospital, leaving her family worried and Rozi fearing for her life. After 11 long days and the expert care and treatment from staff at St Mary’s Hospital London, she was discharged. But like so many, Rozi’s lungs were damaged by the virus.

Rozi reunites with her consultant Ernie Wong from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, her ‘knight in shining armour’ who treated her during that terrifying period. With his expertise and the help of our augmented reality experience, Rozi can begin to understand what Covid-19 really is and why it affected her lungs so badly.

Next into the hub, we meet Adrian, who has led a jet-setting life working as an airline cabin crew. But Adrian’s outgoing lifestyle has been curtailed because of a frequent need to use the toilet. Adrian has an enlarged prostate, a condition that will affect half of all men by the age of 60. But Adrian’s case is extreme – whenever he has something to drink, he will need to urinate four or five times after. This is because of the pressure the prostate is placing on his bladder.

For Adrian, though, the biggest worry was whether the enlargement could have been cancer. With the help of our cutting-edge technology and interventional radiology consultant Dr Nick Burfitt, Adrian hopes to fully understand his condition and how there might be an option to reduce the size of his prostate and the pain.

Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway- Wednesday 8pm on BBC2

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