Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer

Fairytales and revisionist history, that’s what the future brings.  Well, first up we have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in which the mutton-chopped, stovepipe-hatted slavery-abolishing President lays into scores of bloodsucking fiends.

It’s directed by Timur Bekmambetov who’s no stranger to stylistic violence (for good or for ill – Nightwatch is good, Wanted is a load of horse pucky) or for that matter vampires, so it’s definitely got that on its side.

So, we have slow-motion axe twirling, a slow-motion leap over a fire gorge and some seemingly huge battles (with more than a whiff of CGI about them).  As is customary for every trailer since Inception, there’s the blaring one-note horn which gets slightly faster by the end of the trailer – apparently all films since 2010 must, by law, be shot within 50 feet of a tugboat.

Looks relatively decent if fairly standard in the action/adventure genre.   And as there’s no real plot reveal in the trailer beyond “Abe Lincoln kills vampires”, there’s no really much more we can say.

It’s out in June.