The Bourne Legacy Trailer

Here’s the first trailer to the forthcoming fourth instalment of The Bourne series of films. It’ll be the first one without Matt Damon – Jeremy Renner instead steps into the lead role as Aaron Cross, who seems to be part of the same programme which created Bourne.

It looks pretty good – all comic book-esque dissolves (which look quite reminiscent of Ang Lee’s Hulk) before unleashing the unbridled ass-kickery. That’s good news as Renner’s action bits in MI4 left some worries about whether he could carry a whole action film on his own. If the film matches up to the trailer, then the answer’s an emphatic “yes”.

I don’t see him beating anyone up with a rolled-up magazine yet though…

It’s out on August 15th.


Video: The Bourne Legacy Trailer