Brave Trailer Review

Pixar very rarely let us down (I’m looking at you Cars 2) and Brave looks like it’ll continue the trend for gorgeously animated and compelling stories (if you weren’t moved by Toy Story 3, you’re inhuman) Set in the Highlands of Scotland in the 10th Century, Meredith, the daughter of the king and a skilled archer defies an age-old custom in order to follow her own path and unwittingly unleashes chaos on the kingdom. She turns to a witch for help but ends up cursed and has to discover “the true meaning of bravery” to undo it.

It looks beautiful – the Scottish landscape has given Pixar’s animators excuse to go to town on mountains, trees and sweeping vistas. Meredith also looks fantastic – a shock of curly red hair and blue eyes which seem to leap out of the camera. Vocal talent is mostly Scottish (Kelly MacDonald, Billy Connolly, Robbie Coltrane) so the accents should also be dead on.

There’s also Pixar’s familiar gentle humour but the tone seems a bit darker than their previous efforts – there’s a sinister undertone of Grimm Fairytales to the proceedings, which is a welcome contrast to the whizz-bang neon lights of Cars 2 (sorry, as Pixar’s only bad movie, it’s still really irks me).

It’ll be out in Summer next year. I can’t wait.