Burlesque Trailer

We’ve been giddy with anticipation for Burlesque for some time and now that we’ve seen the trailer, we’re going back to Harry Potter.

The film stars Christina Aguilera as a starry eyed hopeful, looking to make her way into showbiz. But soon after stepping off the bus in LA, she realises that it’s not going to happen overnight. She starts work as a waitress in a burlesque club run by Cher and Stanley Tucci and eventually takes to the stage.

Yeah, we know, we think we’ve seen this movie too. The film completely blows it’s load in the trailer and gives everything away right up front – much like a burlesque dancer. Well, we’re all for cheap thrills but there’s pound shop cheap and then there’s this.

You can see Burlesque in cinemas from 17th December. Or not.