Cleanskin Trailer

Sean Bean plays a Secret Service operative who has to go undercover as the bodyguard of a small time arms dealer and discover who he is selling Semtex to.  But when things don’t go quite according to plan and the Semtex is using in the bombing of a London restaurant, their worst fears are confirmed – there’s a terrorist cell operating in the nation’s capital.  He gets the all-clear from his boss (Charlotte Rampling) to find and stop whoever’s responsible by any means necessary.

It looks like fairly standard thriller fare with a plot that feels incredibly familiar.   I hate to say it but it already looks rather dated and lack-lustre when held up to the likes of The Bourne Legacy.  But Rampling’s presence usually indicates a film with a little bit more to say than “beat up the brownskins”, so it might be worth a look.

It’s out at the beginning of March.  See what you think: