Dinner For Schmucks Trailer

From Jay Roach, the director of Austin Powers and Meet The Parents, comes Dinner For Schmucks, a tale of weird people and the pleasure we get from taking the mickey out of them.

Tim (Paul Rudd) is out to impress his boss in order to clinch a big promotion but it turns out that all Tim has to do is attend his boss’ annual dinner party.

It sounds simple enough until his boss requests that Tim brings along a complete idiot so that he and his co-workers can point and laugh at him. Enter Steve Carrell as Barry, a moronic IRS agent whose hobbies include recreating artistic masterpieces with dead mice.

Can Tim bring himself to invite Barry to a party where he knows he’ll be humiliated just so he can get promoted? Probably.

You can see Dinner For Schmucks when it hits UK cinemas on 20th August. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think by dropping a comment down below.