Due Date Trailer

Inbetween making wildly successful Sherlock Holmes movies, Robert Downey Jr. found the time to make a road trip film with comedy new kid on the block Zack Galifianakis who made waves in last year’s The Hangover.

Due Date sees the two embark on a trip across America to get Downey Jr. to the birth of his child before he misses it, the only problem he has is that Galifianakis is impatient, insensitive and idiotic. And he has a small dog with him and I think we can guess at the fun that provides in a week long car journey.

Juliette Lewis, Jamie Foxx and Alan Arkin are also along for the ride and The Hangover’s Todd Phillips is in the director’s chair.

You can catch due date in cinemas, well we don’t right now but you can watch the trailer right now, courtesy of Yahoo Movies.