First Green Hornet Trailer

greenhornet300With execs shaking in their boots over this project, we were wondering if we were going to see it at all. Michel Gondry’s kooky adaptation of The Green Hornet might not be to everyone’s tastes but it’ll definitely be a new take on the superhero genre. Plus it’s like the only story where the sidekick is actually better than the hero.

Seth Rogen plays Britt Reid, the playboy son of a newspaper tycoon whose unexpected death leaves Britt in charge of his media empire. Realising that he’s been wasting his life, Britt teams up with one of his father’s faithful employees, Kato, who just so happens to be a martial arts expert who’s handy with a gun and drives a car like he’s a rally driver.

Naming himself the Green Hornet, Britt sets about cleaning up the city, starting with Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz), the biggest crime boss in the city. You’ll have to wait till 2011 to see The Green Hornet in action but for now we’ve got the trailer for you.