First Official Final Destination 5 Trailer Hits The Net

There have been spoof versions of this fifth film in the Final Destination franchise circulating the internet for at least a year or two, but this morning we got our first look at the first official trailer for the film.

This time round, the lead protagonists escape their deaths from the collapse of a suspension bridge thanks to a man’s extremely vivid premonition. But as with tradition, death is pretty pissed about them avoiding their untimely demise, so sets about trying to make sure there demises are untimely, and really gruesome.

The trailer starts out with a woman getting laser eye surgery, and in an example of professional misconduct seen only in the Final Fantasy series, the doctor leaves her eye clamped open under a massive laser. Final Destination 5 then leads to many improbable sequences of events, resulting in some extremely gory death scenes… or so we’ve gathered from the trailer and our extensive knowledge of the FD history.

Final Destination 5 is released across the UK from August 24th.