Footloose Trailer

Holy Kevin Bacon, what the heck is this?! We expected the remake of the the 1984 original to be bad, but this looks like it fell down a stairwell and broke every bone in its body.

It follows the rough thread of the original – a boy (the birlliantly name Kenny Wormald) moves to a small town and finds that dancing is against the law. That’s a shame because that’s the one thing he really wants to do and with an eye on the preacher’s daughter (Julianne Hough) and the aid of his new friend Willard (Miles Teller) he aims to challenge the ruling.

The original had two things – a great soundtrack and Kevin Bacon. This remake has neither and looks like another pointless entry in the dance movie genre.

It’s got nothing on the original trailer which at least conveys a sense of high-energy fun. The new one has all this po-faced plinky plonky crap about responsibilities and standards. Bleh.